Today I’ve come to tell you how much you mean to me
Ever since you found me, you’ve been the best part of me.
Although I often fail you in what I say and do.
You’ve made up your mind you’re keeping this heart
You’ve set me apart just for you.
You are the keeper, keeper of my heart.

I’ll never understand it, a love that is so deep
How could love wrap all around me, Lord you bring me to my knees.
A love that keeps on giving, even when I’m not,
That’s the kind of love, that’s the kind of love,
That keeps this heart.

It’s a kind of love that never goes away.
A kind of love calling out my name.
A kind of love that never gives up,
Lord, you’re never going to give in.
That’s the kind of love that keeps this heart
Over and over and over again.

You’re the keeper. You’ll never go away.
You’re the keeper. Keepers come to stay.

I think about you almost all the time
Night and day, day and night
As I seek you it seems I always find,
Jesus you are on my mind, you are on my mind
Because Jesus you are simply my life

Lord find me wholly devoted, totally committed to you
How I long to be fully surrendered
As I bow before, find me losing myself
Surrendered to you.

I find myself like a moth to the flame, I just can’t resist your presence
At the mention of your name,
I come running to you again and again, Because Jesus you are on my mind,
You are on my mind.  Jesus you are my life.

Here Comes The King (Child Of Mine)
Sometimes I just want to be alone with you
Sometimes it happens to me in a crowded room
You hear my cry you know my need,
You reach way down and lift me to your feet.

And you say child, child of mine I love you.
Child of mine I am so glad you’ve come.
Child of mine I am always thinking of you
Here at the throne.

It’s good to know you
It’s good to know you
It’s good to know you Lord.

I lose all sense of time and space, I know I’ve come into a Holy Place
You reach out I feel your touch, somehow – it’s always enough.
You heal my heart, bring peace to my mind,
You make the wrongs right every time.
I look around I hear the angels start to sing,
They cry Holy is the Lord here comes the king

Wine of Your Holiness
When I come into your presence Lord
You gently re-remind me who it is I’m living for
I lift the cross to win the lost, I count the cost.
I say you’re worth it all, Lord you’re worth it all.

Let the wine of your holiness pour down deep into my soul
Let your wine of heaven so fine, refresh, revive, restore.
Lord let it pour. Let your Holy wine pour.

Your love is like a summer sun
Lighting my path as you dance me through the darkest storm.
Your truth is like a mountain stream flowing peace into the center of me.
So suddenly I’m free to sing, as you rescue me from me.

I Will Wait
All I want to do is be with you.
All I want to be is what you see in me.
Lord to do your word, to follow your commands.
Oh to love you Lord as you love me, to lay down my life at your feet.

I will wait on you Lord. I will listen to hear your voice
As I wait on you Lord, my heart fills with joy.
It’s just a pleasure to wait on you Lord.

Just to sit at your feet, hear your voice clearly speak
Lord there is nothing that I’d rather do
I delight you Lord when I’m with you.

When you speak my world stands still.

Holy Place
I have been to a holy place
I have seen you face to face
I am standing, standing in the presence of the Lord.

I have felt your warm embrace
I have touched your throne of grace
I am standing, standing in the presence of the Lord.

You have washed my sin away
I will never be the same
I am standing, standing in the presence of the Lord.

Now I know that you are real
This is your glory that I feel
You make me dance Lord, dancing in the presence of the Lord.

You got me singing, you got me dancing
You got me singing, you got me dancing with you Lord.
Dancing in your presence, singing in your presence
Dancing with you Lord.

I’ve Come to Worship Jesus
It is good to gather in this house of worship,
Lift up my voice and bring you the praise.
As I lose myself in your holy presence,
I find my hands raised as I boldly exclaim.

I’ve come to worship Jesus the name above all names
I’ve come to worship Jesus, just a pleasure to know you, an honor to serve
A pleasure to know you, an honor to serve you
I love loving you Lord, and I’ve come to worship you Lord.

I just love it when you take me to your Holy place
How you wrap your love around me cover me with your grace
You remove my sin, renew my mind,
Make the wrongs right bring purpose to my life

Here’s My Heart
Here’s my heart Oh God
I place it in your hands
I ask you to mend it once again
A broken heart you will not despise
A heart broken by my own sin

Extend to me your mercy and grace
Restore me and make me new
Give me vision Lord to run this race
That I might not sin against you

Cleanse me Lord and make me clean.
As I completely turn away
From my sin that has kept me far from you
Oh Lord repentance I pray

Healer (Luke 8:43-47)
I heard that a Healer was coming my way,
I rushed out to meet Him, pushed the crowd from my way
I was desperate just to see so I got on my knees.
And then the hem of His garment touched me.
And then the hem of His garment touched me.

He turned and He spoke, He said who touched my coat?
Healing power has just left me.
Exposed and so afraid, I just answered this way, It was me.

You see I’m desperate, I’m so needy, I am bleeding within
I spent all I have on the wisdom of men
I thought if I reached for the robe at your feet
That I might receive what I need.

Be of good cheer, the Healer exclaimed,
“My peace is upon you, you can go in my name
For your faith, your faith has healed you, it has made you well.
I bless you this day with a story to tell.”

There’s a healer passing your way,
If you reach out and touch Him, Your life will never be the same.

There’s a healer down on your knees,
I am certain He’ll touch you at His feet.

Jesus you’re a hero to me.  I will always remember the day at your feet.

Just Be There (In loving memory of my MOM)
Paula Bray Used with permission: 1994 Omega Christian Music
(Admin. by Gaither Copyright Management) Winding Way Music
(Admin. by Integrated Copyright Group, Inc.)
Cradled in my arms I held you and
I loved you more with each day passing by,
Sharing joy, sharing pain, through the sunshine and the rain.
I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye

I don’t know what the future brings you
But I hope that you’ll keep heaven as your goal
I’ve taught you how to pray and made sure you knew the way
Remember this request as I go.

Just be there
When we finally make it home and we stand before the throne.
Just be there
When I look around to see if you are standing next to me,
Just be there

It's not an easy road you're traveling but every place you go Jesus has
If you find you make a turnh, forgetting what you’ve learned,
It’s okay just start all over again.

It's not an easy load you're bearing but the trials of your faith
Will make you strong. Facing dangers unaware,
God won't allow what you can't bear,
So my prayer is that your faith will lead you home
If you
have any
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